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Ingers to-do list (på dansk & in English)

7) rengøringsplan - R2 = RengøringsRoulette

6) lyskrone med harddisk og LED'er

5) Switch & Bitch - se Facebook

4) Faar out - kjole til græsslårobotten, med lydmodule

3) Christmas tree lights - with laser, fluorescent paint and origami.

2) Christmas tree in plexiglass, three-dimensional & collapsable. With holes to hang Julepynt in.

1) Julepynt the nerdy way - workshop.
 (see also

- harvest suitable computer parts

  * suitable = pretty or bling-blinglike, small and light enough to hang in a Christmas tree
  * computer parts = wire, harddisks, harddisk readers, ventilation thingies, springs, rings etc.

- keep track of number of participants who have signed up

- prepare workspaces on Nov. 20th: chairs, tablespace, tools, coffee, cookies, X-mas music, signs to lead the unknowing into the hack cave... tbc

- tools:

  *pliers - OSAA
  *cutters - OSAA
  *scissors - OSAA
  *glue gun - Inger
  *screwdrivers - OSAA
  *ribbon (red, green, pink(ish)) - Inger

Thank you for donating stuff: Svendew, Michael Lykke, Brianmanden, den-fyr-der-gav-my-den-seje gammeldavs-Mac-harddisk-og-hvis-navn-jeg-har-glemt, Bertho, Rune, Mark Robotto, and let me know if I have forgotten you and you want to be on this list

Thank you for showing me how to unscrew & drill things: Mark, Brian, Flemming, Bertho

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