Philips PM 5132

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{{Infobox gear
|title        = Philips PM 5132
|title        = Philips PM 5132
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|id          = 1011, 1018
|id          = 1011, 1018

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Philips PM 5132
ID 1011, 1018
Auto-Category [[Udtryksfejl: Uventet tegnsætning-tegn: ","]]
Category Do not hack
Categorized by Flemming
Owner OSAA
Type Function Generator
Acquired 2010
Frequencies 0.1 Hz - 2 MHz
Voltage range 3 Vpp to 30 Vpp
Attenuation to 60 dB, steps of 10 dB
Wave forms Sine
Positive pulse
Negative pulse
Sweep 50ms to 100s
Sweep voltage on rear
[[Category:Udtryksfejl: Uventet tegnsætning-tegn: ","]]


These frequency generators are useful for sweeping ranges of up to 20x, eg. 10 kHz to 200 kHz, and display the resulting responses on an oscilloscope in X-Y mode. Set the scope to X-Y mode, and attach a coaxial cable from the sweep output on the rear of the unit to the X input on the scope. Attach the output signal of the unit as input to the device under test, and the output of the device to the Y channel of the scope. Make sure you match the impedances correctly. The frequency generator can be switched between 50 Ohm and 600 Ohm. A typical oscilloscope has a 1 MOhm input. Use a t-piece and a 50 Ohm terminator at the scope end for testing a 50 Ohm device.

The frequency generators offer DC-offset to for the signal as well, up to +/- 15 VDC at 0 dB attenuation.


These frequency generators are well used and may act slightly spuriously. At least one of the power buttons is stuck. Make sure to verify the signal on an oscilloscope before connecting to your project.

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