Philips PM 5132

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Philips PM 5132
ID 1011, 1018
Auto-Category [[Udtryksfejl: Uventet tegnsætning-tegn: ","]]
Category Do not hack
Categorized by Flemming
Owner OSAA
Type Function Generator
Acquired 2010
Frequencies 0.1 Hz - 2 MHz
Voltage range 3 Vpp to 30 Vpp
Attenuation to 60 dB, steps of 10 dB
Wave forms Sine
Positive pulse
Negative pulse
Sweep 50ms to 100s
Sweep voltage on rear
[[Category:Udtryksfejl: Uventet tegnsætning-tegn: ","]]


These frequency generators are useful for sweeping ranges of up to 20x, eg. 10 kHz to 200 kHz, and display the resulting responses on an oscilloscope in X-Y mode. Set the scope to X-Y mode, and attach a coaxial cable from the sweep output on the rear of the unit to the X input on the scope. Attach the output signal of the unit as input to the device under test, and the output of the device to the Y channel of the scope.

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